Mieh w Mieh - Olive Harvest

Every year, by the end of September and beginning of October, Mieh w Mieh residents start the harvest of the olive trees. At this period of time, the olive fruits are matured, ready to be picked up, and schools are not yet resumed, thus children would help their parents in this yearly job. Wherever you go in the village, you see people working on their fields, and you can realize that the village is almost empty, especially on Sunday at the church.

In case you are a Mieh w Mieh descendants, and you have experienced such season, you would understand the feeling. To whom that have not, you may ask your parents, or grandparents, to tell you the stories that never end about Mieh w Mieh, about all seasons in Mieh w Mieh, and how beautiful it is.

Preparations & Supplies

Starting the Olive Harvest. Young olive trees grown on terraced hills.

Children working - We see what is called the Sibit, which is a double ladder frequently used in the Olive season. Transforming Olive to Oil - People are Waiting for a turn. This Maasara belongs to Mr. Ondraos Ondraos.

See the freshly picked, ripe olives, and the traditional olive press.

On the Maasara background, you can see a pair of granite stones, 1 ton each, crushing the fruit in a rotational motion.

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