St. John Monastery - North East of Saidon

St. John Monastery is located in the village of Karkha, to the north east of Saidon. You can reach it from Mieh w Mieh by taking the road to Ain El Deleb, Al Kanayeh, Al Kiyya3a, Eshmoun, then take the road toward Karkha. You pass through the village of Karkha, and you reach the monastery.

A majestic view surrounding the monastery, indicating the holiness of the place. When you reach the place, an old oak tree welcomes you, then using some stairs, you start going down to the old church, where a statue of St. John Baptizing Jesus is positioned outside the church. Then going down in a cave, and some little stairs, you can get into the church.

We advise the visit to that holy place.

St. John - Outside the Church St. John - The Cave leading to the Church
St. John - Church History - 1706 St. John - Inside the Church
St. John - Inside the Church
St. John - An Old Tree Outside the Church St. John - The Baptism

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