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 Saint Georges spring, or as it is known by “Nabaat Mar Giryos” in Mieh w Mieh has a story and a history that is known by everyone in the village.
 Saint Georges Killing the Dragon  Saint Georges Spring as it appears today


The story says that a shepherd from the village was leading his sheep next to a water spring in the west of the village. Suddenly he saw a person riding a white horse telling him: go to the mayor and the priest of the village, and ask them to dig a water spring in this place. The man told him that they would not believe a simple man like him. So the horseman told him to go and tell them that St. Georges wants this, and in case they do not believe you, give them this olive branch having some olive fruits on it. Here it is important to note that the event of the story occurred in a season where it was not possible to have olive fruits on the olive trees.

The man did what St. Georges told him, and first they did not believe him, but after seeing the olive branch, they believed. So they decided to dig in that place, and this was the first time that that place has become a holy place, and was named St. Georges Spring or “Nabaat Mar Giryos”.

Since then, this spring became the destination of many people, visiting with many purposes in mind, mainly for praying, to be healed, or sometimes to heal their domestic animals. Old people also say that once a person from Syria heard about it, and this person had a blind child, so he brought his son to St. Georges spring, he washed his eyes with the spring water, and after that the child was healed and was able to see again, thanks to St. Georges. To be grateful, this man offered to the church of Mieh w Mieh a silver cross and a censer, which remained within church’s property until year 1984, when the village was occupied and destroyed, so the cross and the censer were lost and stolen.

The story continues; the landlord where St. George spring exists was upset by the amount of people visiting his land, and destroying his cultivation. So he brought some animals remains, and dumps them in the spring, in order to stop people from visiting it anymore.

When this man returned home, he found his daughter very sick, and his wife was very worried. In the next morning, the girl died. After the burial, and when the man returned home, a cow that he owned also died. The same night, his son also became very sick, and died the next morning. It was like a disaster. This man also had another son, which became very sick also. While the boy was suffering and fighting his last moments, he starts talking and saying: there is a horse outside the house, and he is trying to strike me. Mother, the horse is tied to the huge tree we have outside our house, and now by one move of his head, he has removed the big tree. The father went outside, and to his big surprise, he found the big tree destroyed, and it was locking his main door. At that moment, the man realized what his hands has done, and he told his wife: I know now why all this is happening to us, tomorrow morning, we will go and clean St. Georges spring.

The next day, the man and his wife cleaned the St. Georges spring, and the boy was totally healed.

Old people on the village are still telling this story from generation to generation. St. Georges spring is still there, but it was deserted due to the village destruction during the displacement on 1984.

Hopefully, and one day, we will clean again and again “Nabaat Mar Giryos”, and make it a place for praying and gathering.

Mieh w Mieh

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