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Dr. Khalil Girgis Wakim

He is the sun of Girgis Elias Wakim and Mariam Francis. He was born in Mieh w Mieh, July 17th, 1907. His parents died during the world war I, and he was raised as an orphan. While a child, he once found a purse that belongs to a rich lady. Being brave, he searched for the lady, and gave her the purse untouched. The lady was impressed by little Khalil's attitude and braveness, despite being in need, so she helped him by supporting his tuition fees in the Anglican school of Saida, so he was graduated in 1924.

 He then joined the American University of Beirut, and he graduated as a Medical Doctor in 1933. After that, he met an American girl, and he went with her to the United States. In the US, he continued his studies, and he followed a training in the Mayo Clinic hospital, specialising in the Cancer treatments, which was owned by two brother doctors of the Mayo family.

During his work at this hospital, he met and knew a lot of Arab kings that were treated there, and he was the liaison between them and the US, where he knew both languages, the Arabic and English. He was working during the day, and studying during the nights, in order to continue his specialization, and following medical researches, where he has discovered more than 40 medicines for several deceases and sicknesses.

He was the first to discover and declared the treatment of disposing injuries to cold conditions to make the bleeding stops, but that idea was rejected by too many doctors, until his theory proved to be true during a military battle, where there were a lot of American soldiers injured, and they could not be all treated in the hospital, thus some of them were treated and left outside the hospital, and in the following days, the injured soldiers that were left outside the hospital were in better conditions than the ones inside the hospital, due to their disposal to coldness.

So Dr. Khalil's reputation was spread all over the United States, and he was appointed to be the dean of Indiana Medical University, where he remained at this position until his retirement.

He died in the United States in 1985.

Below is a list of his work and actions in the US, provided by his relative Mr. Hanna Matta Wakim.

  • B.A. from the American University of Beirut, 1929.

  • Medical Doctor from the American University of Beirut, 1933.

  • PhD at the Minnesota University, 1941.

  • He was married twice, the first time with Alma Hortilds in July 22, 1936, and the second time with Elizabet Alice Young in June 17, 1966.

  • He arrived first to the US in 1938, and he got the American nationality in 1943.

  • 1933-1937: He worked as a medical teacher in the American University of Beirut.

  • 1933-1937: He made some medical researches about the gypsies in Syria.

  • 1938-1941: He worked as a medical doctor in Mayo clinic in Minnesota.

  • 1938-1941: Medical teacher in Aiwa University.

  • 1941-1943: Medical teacher in Indiana University..

  • 1943-1946: Consultant in medical researches.

  • 1946-1971: Consultant and medical researches in the Terre Haute institution.

  • 1971: Special consultant for the US Army surgeries.

  • He was honoured by the Cedars Golden Signal of the Lebanese and Syrian republics.

  • He was honoured by the Golden certificate as a distinction graduate from the American University of Beirut in 1967.

  • He was a member of the research and medical studies in the United states.

  • He wrote several articles that were published in the United States medical magazines, and those articles contributed heavily in flourishing the medical sector in the United states.

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