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Church Renovation   
The church is being renovated by covering it by natural stones from outside. This project was initiated at the end of year 2006.

The church as it appears - December 2006 - Photo by Claude Saikaly.

New Water Supply 
A new water supply project, financed by the Anglican church in Mieh w Mieh, lead by priest Pierre Francis, was  accomplished by the end of 2006. The project goal is to provide water for every part of the village. Note that this water is being carried from the Litani river, through the Qaraoun Lake, all over the Jezzine area, to Anane Lake.

A memorial for the project - Fall 2006 - Photo by Claude Saikaly.

New Water Container
The municipality has launched recently a new project to build a new water container for high quantity of water storage.

The new water container on the Dhour area. April 10, 2005

New Public Garden - Al Bayader
In addition to the Public Garden already achieved next to the Arine Sporting Club building, another public garden is being initiated on the Bayader area. This would be a good and safe place for children to play, and for parents to watch their children and have a good time.

The new Bayader Public Garden. May  2005. The Rahbat School appears on the background.

New Church
A new vital project must be initiated and launched, the new church. The existing church was built on 1910 by our ancestors, with their own hands and budgets. Shouldn't this be a motive for us, in the 20th century, to think, initiate, and start building a new church that is bigger than the existing one?

Always in several occasions, the church is full, and many people cannot find a place to attend, and most of the times, you have to arrive 30 minutes earlier than the service timing in order to find a place to sit. Now that Mieh w Mieh communities is spread all over the world, and they are all healthy and a great working force, we should unify our strength, and work toward this project.

Mieh w Mieh

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