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As once said, a picture's worth a thousand words. Below are some pictures taken recently from Mieh w Mieh. We hope the photos would awake a lot of your happy memories in Mieh w Mieh, by remembering your childhood, even for few moments, and the places you grew up with. It is good to travel by your mind to the areas you love, when the distances stand in your way into visiting them physically. The most enjoyable moments for a traveler are  when he returns back to his own country, and for an old man to remember his youth.

We will try to update the photos often in order to cover all the Mieh w Mieh' areas.

General View - Photo Taken From The Dhour Area
The Olives Trees in Mieh w Mieh - Al Kataat Area The Timsal Square
The School of Rahbat - Al-Bayader Area Hay El Roos - As it appears from the "Hay al- Bayader".
Kharroubat Road

Bistan Al Yahoudi as it appears from Mieh w Mieh

Karm Al Razzine - You can see in the background "Tallet Mar Elias"
Mieh w Mieh

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