Mieh w Mieh - Father Demianos (Maroun Michel Saikaly) Ordination Ceremony

Saturday, February 02, 2008, witnessed the ceremony of ordination of priest Maroun Michel Saikaly. The ceremony was attended and witnessed by some ministers, deputies, more than 16 priest (among them archbishops Salim Ghazal, Georges Kwaiter, Elie Haddad), Mieh w Mieh and Rmeileh citizens, and many people from the surrounding villages.

The ceremony took place at the Catholic Archbishopric of Saida. The next day, Sunday, February 03, 2008, priest Maroun celebrated his first service at the Mieh w Mieh church, where all the attendees were touched by his speech (We will try to put his words once we have them) .

We take the occasion to wish a prosperous, holy and happy future for father Demianos (Maroun Saikaly) in serving God.

Below are some photos of the ceremony:









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