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His Beatitude Gregory III Laham Patriarch of Antioch and all the East, in a historical visit to Mieh Mieh, July 03, 2004.

The photo shows his Beatitude and Mieh w Mieh municipality president, Mr. Rafaat Bou Saba.

The Church as it appeared on Good Friday this year, March 25, 2005, where you could see the Kovokliom in the middle. 

Mieh w Mieh municipality is one of the most active municipalities in its area. Lead by its president Mr. Rafaat Bou Saba, the municipality has achieved several project in the last 6 years, especially the Public Garden, new roads were opened and enlarged, the Timsal square was renewed and renovated, etc.

The Mieh w Mieh church has been remarkably improved in the last 2 years. With the help of the village families, the church was renewed, repainted, and redecorated. Also the old reception hall (Salon Al Kanisi) was also been renewed and decorated, and is now playing a big role in several occasions, by offering a comfortable place for conventions, seminars, or to accept condolences in funeral occasions, thus giving an outstanding view about Mieh w Mieh, especially when people come from nearby villages or towns, where they all show their appreciation about the place.
Arine Sporting Club
Arine Sporting Club was founded on 1947 by Mr. Nasri Wakim. Mr. Nasri was devoted to the club since its foundation, and most of the times he has scarified his time with his family to the club in order to make it achieve more success, and reach the level 1 among the existing teams. In the late 60s, the Mieh w Mieh team has won the South Lebanon championship in the Volley Ball game. Currently, Basketball has become a popular game, and in addition to the Volley Ball, the Arine Sporting Club organizes, on a yearly basis on July, a tourney for Volley Ball and Basket Ball, in addition to Karmes games, bingo, and other various games.
Photo shows the new Gym room that was built in the memory of Elie Michael Saikaly.
Agriculture - Olives

The main Mieh w Mieh products are olive oil and olives. Olive trees were imported and planted in Mieh w Mieh by Prince Fakher-El-Dine Almaani. Until the present day, we still have some trees that were planted on that period, and are called "Zaitoun-El-Maani". Also there are the "Zaitoun-El-Irdan", which reflects the height of those olive trees, were sometimes it reaches the 10 m height.

A typical olive tree as it appears at spring time. Jal-El-Akil area, Achrafieh, April 10, 2005.
Mieh w Mieh

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