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The Kermes has started. The first day for this year is Sunday, July 24. Below are some photos taken from the Kermes opening, and the activities that are taking places. The kermes started by a speech by Mr. Georges Esper Daher, president of the club, where he thanked all whom participated in the club's activities, and helped the club to continue its march into being a good club, and helping the new generation into having a better future.

The Kermes Opening - Lebanese Interior Security Forces Music
Mr. Georges Bou Saba giving the winner's cup. Mr. Kamal Asaad giving the winner's cup.
Mr. Elias Shikri Asaad (x-president of the Arine Sporting Club) in the middle of his sons Kamal & Georges, and to the right Mr.  Joseph Saikaly (Abou Claude).   

Mr Toufic Bou Saba, his wife, Georges Bou Saba and his son Johnny, and colonel Jamil Saikaly.


From the left, Georges Asaad, Lina & Sally Saikaly, Fifi & Maroun Saikaly with their daughter.

Mr. Esper Daher giving the winner's cup to Bahjat Chidiak, a famous Basketball player, representing Bekfaya Basketball team.

Part of the Attendees - From the left, Youhanna Bou Saba, Joseph Esper Daher & Kamel Asaad.

Municipality president Mr. Rafaat Bou Saba, Dr. Hicham from Maghdouche, Mr. Pierre Saliba and Mr. Jihad Saikaly.

Mr. Kamel Asaad giving the winner's cup.

Misses Lina Saikaly with her daughter Sally, giving the winner's cup.
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